Embroidery Digitizing

Know about the basic elements to be a great embroidery digitizer

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You have bought an embroidery machine, practiced the digitizing services for embroidery  which were incorporated in the phone, perhaps even purchased a disc of designs or even downloaded a number of designs from the web to stitch out. At this moment you are considering investing in digitizing software and taking the embroidery of yours to the subsequent fitness level. However the digitizing application is simply a part of what you will need before entering the innovative society of embroidery digitizing.

Selecting the Hardware

An embroidery digitizing program is image editing software capable of converting a digital picture to stitches and saving it in a format that can be read by your embroidery machine. And, like any strong picture editor, a digitizing plan is resource intensive. The program’s packaging is going to state the manufacturer’s suggested minimum computer system specifications to run the program. Let us check out only such a recommendation and discover exactly how the’ minimums’ stack up. (I will not point out the producer or the program but these’re real suggestions from a favorite digitizing software program. Yours might differ but most likely not by much.)

The Computer

Manufacturer recommends: Compatible or ibm-pc computer system initially built with a USB port.

I recommend: Exactly the same.

Operating System

Manufacturer recommends: Windows(R) ninety eight, ME, XP or perhaps 2000.

I recommend: Windows(R) XP Pro with the new Service Pack as well as updates. You may be in a position to manage with an antiquated operating system however, not for very long.


Manufacturer recommends: N/A

I recommend: Any pleasant, optical, non rollerball computer mouse. When performing imaging you can’t attain the precision you will need with a rollerball. And an optical mouse means there’s no ball on the bottom to jerk or catch at a crucial period.


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